Support the Great Forest National Park initiative

Recently, while looking at nearby state and national parks for potential research sites, I came across a rather ambitious plan to create a new national park in the Central Highlands of Victoria, the Great Forest National Park. The aim of this initiative would be to add 355,000 hectares of protected forests to the existing 170,000 hectares of parks and protected areas in the region, with numerous benefits to both land users and the environment. See a plan of the proposed park by clicking here (it will take you to a separate window). Aside from obvious benefits for eco-tourism, the proposed park area is also home to the world’s tallest flowering plants, the Mountain Ash, and one of Australia’s most endangered mammals, the Leadbeater’s Possum (as well as countless species of amphibians, birds, fishes, etc, many of which are threatened or endangered themselves). It is an easy project to get behind (and indeed has a great deal of popular support already). This is a remarkably beautiful area of Australia and I can’t wait to do some additional exploring and wildlife viewing in this region. To find out more or get involved, click on the “I support the Great Forest National Park” emblem.


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